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Sea Ice Melting Season started late, but not slow

It looks like someone pulled the trigger. While extent and area are still hundreds of thousands square kilometers behind 2012, Siberia and Alaska enjoy already sunny temperatures above 30°C. Also sea ice concentration on the Asian side is significantly lower from pole to coast than along the western part of the Arctic Basin.

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Last Sighting of the Ice Bird

The first sighting of the ice bird was in March, 13 this year. He kept hidden until the day before yesterday. Looks fallen now, whether the approaching ice fairy brings him back to life - future will tell. The Arctic vanishes in all her unique beauty, both images were archived to capture the fleetingness of a fragile environment.

First Double Zoom Features Phytoplankton Bloom

Comparing day to day changes using Arctic satellite images is quite a complicated task. The files are huge, two displays are indispensable and synchronization of zoom level, latitude and longitude a pain. So here at the - eventually - first synchronized double-zoom viewer was launched today.

Basically it appears as two zoom windows side by side. There are even two mouse pointers: The white one is yours and the red one points automatically to the same location within the other zoom window. All usual functions are still working. Try out right click to save images, mouse wheel to zoom out or in and click to focus.

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