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Acting by Pippa Mackie and Kai Nagata, written by Heather Libby and filmed at Strut Studios in Vancouver. More:

Hudson Bay Break Up

In May 2005 NASA's Earth Observatory reported:

With the coming of spring, the ice on Canada’s Hudson Bay has begun to break up. Large chunks of ice float near the eastern shore of the bay, while to the west, the center of the bay remains frozen.

Earlier this month a similar photo was taken by the Aqua satellite. I leave it as an exercise to visitors to decide which of the above megapixel zooms was taken 2005-05-21 or 2012-04-06. It seems the thin ice can not withstand usual April weather any longer. At least the Chukchi Sea tells ...

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Autumn Leaves - Les Feuilles Mortes

A fresh offshore wind easily displaced fractured sea ice up to 30km yesterday in Fram Strait. Hopefully this is not what is usually called thick and massive multi year ice, although, it is worth having a look...

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