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New Bathymetry with better Resolution

The new grid is on a 500 meter spacing, revealing much greater details of the Arctic seafloor than IBCAO Version 1.0 (2.5 km) and Version 2.0 (2.0 km). The area covered by multibeam surveys has increased from ~6 % in Version 2.0 to ~11% in Version 3.0. The compilation of IBCAO Version 3.0 is described in a Geophysical Research Letter article available for download.

Most interesting feature is the Lomonosov Ridge which splits the Arctic basin in half. Denmark and Russia are trying to find evidence showing the ridge is a extension of their ...

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UNSC agrees on Possible Security Implications of Climate Change

Exactly why Dr. Peter Wittig - the German permanent representative to the UN - mentions and simultaneously disclaims "Green-Helmets closing coal mines" in a recent Huff Green article will remain his secret.

The day after the most important council of the UN discussed climate change and agreed on a minimal consensus and “requests the Secretary-General to ensure that his reporting to the Council contains such contextual information”.

Confronted with sea level rise, food crisis, famine and extreme weather events the Security Council failed to get boots on the ground.

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