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The Wheelchair and the Hockeystick

Two reconstructions, an instrument record and the A1B scenario combined. Can you distinguish natural variations and anthropogenic impact?

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Updates: Sea Surface Anomaly and Daily Splitzoom

The double zoom has been renamed and relaunched. New zooms are added each day approximately 06:00am GMT. The permalink includes the dates, which I believe is more convenient. Screenshot above links to currently the fastest melting region. The archive includes besides all of August some older zooms indicated with bold letters in the calendar widget. Did you missed first snow in the Arctic - split zoom reveals even tiny changes.

The Danish DMI makes an excellent job in preparing daily Arctic Ocean surface temperatures. The satellite view now includes the actual temperature, anomalies and daily changes. More info on the ...

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Summer arrived in Greenland

The Summit Station located at 3200m reported yesterday 0°C. As of writing all the temperatures of Wunderground's Greenland page are mostly in the two digit zone and some still close to 20°C. Kangerlussuaq had a maximum temperature of 24.2°C on Monday.

Check out this satellite view acquired yesterday by MODIS/Terra showing the great Jakobshavn glacier, the mysterious grey shaded areas and many melting ponds.

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