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Russia in the News

Reuters disseminates a note from Kremlin saying Gazprom Neft and Royal Dutch Shell prepare to join forces to exploit on- and offshore resources in the Arctic. Putin visits The Netherlands next week.

As a follow up of Putin's inspection of the Franz Josef Land in 2010, reports a team of 30 students will start cleansing the archipelago as of 1st of June. 400,000 barrels as well as 700 containers of varying size that hold 10-50 metric tons of oil and lubricants were found in 2010.

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New Bathymetry with better Resolution

The new grid is on a 500 meter spacing, revealing much greater details of the Arctic seafloor than IBCAO Version 1.0 (2.5 km) and Version 2.0 (2.0 km). The area covered by multibeam surveys has increased from ~6 % in Version 2.0 to ~11% in Version 3.0. The compilation of IBCAO Version 3.0 is described in a Geophysical Research Letter article available for download.

Most interesting feature is the Lomonosov Ridge which splits the Arctic basin in half. Denmark and Russia are trying to find evidence showing the ridge is a extension of their ...

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Just avoid Oil Rigs, Icebergs and make Money

More background on this game at, on the first full year operating Russian Arctic oil rig Prirazlomnaya with oil tanker shuttle service at and here (Russian).

Updates Prirazlomnoye Oilfield - Russian Federation

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