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DOI Report: Managing for the Future in a Rapidly Changing Arctic

A written manifestation nature can change faster than anyone can adapt. These three selected paragraphs describe at best the starting point and where to go. Reuters collected a few more voices.

The U.S. Arctic is a vast area that is changing rapidly while economic and social expectations are growing. This combination of factors is adding stress to a largely balkanized management system already straining to address many competing issues and priorities.

The sheer number of federal agencies alone presents challenges and underscores the need for a more coordinated approach. That said, however, there are many efforts at the local, regional, state, federal, and international levels that endeavor to improve coordination among the region’s stakeholders. These promising approaches can provide a foundation for a more holistic, integrated approach to management in the region.

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Yes, You Can Climate! Obama vows climate change action in inaugural speech

Updates: How serious is Barack Obama about climate change? Dear Mr. President: Time to Deal with Climate Change ExxonMobil will give $250K to inauguration

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