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Updates Melting Season 2015

I finally found the time to update the sea ice page. All images are now in sync with 2015. The most exciting additions are two daily sea ice thickness maps. The CryoSat 2 product is provided by the NERC Center for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM) in the U.K.. The map combines all data points from the most recent 28 days and thus produces a full picture of the Arctic. The second map is still an experimental science product using data from the AMSR2 satellite coming from arctic data archive system (ADS). The ADS is supported by GRENE Arctic ...

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Encouragement and written Antidepressants, Episode 1

The past one hundred years have been a frenzy of development and pollution. We’ve benefited in many ways, but now we’re starting to live the repercussions.

It’s as if we’ve thrown a massive party in our parents’ house and have to clean up the mess in the living room before Mom and Dad get home––except in this case it’s our grandchildren’s house that we’ve completely trashed.”

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