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Updates: Sea Surface Anomaly and Daily Splitzoom

The double zoom has been renamed and relaunched. New zooms are added each day approximately 06:00am GMT. The permalink includes the dates, which I believe is more convenient. Screenshot above links to currently the fastest melting region. The archive includes besides all of August some older zooms indicated with bold letters in the calendar widget. Did you missed first snow in the Arctic - split zoom reveals even tiny changes.

The Danish DMI makes an excellent job in preparing daily Arctic Ocean surface temperatures. The satellite view now includes the actual temperature, anomalies and daily changes. More info on the ...

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New Sea Ice Drift Vector and SST Overlay

Now close to the end of the season wind has most impact on sea ice extent. Depending on the average concentration of a region moving ice floes may compact again and overcome the 15% percent threshold of common extent algorithms to appear back on the radar - the opposite effect also happens.

The binary nature of this threshold explains most of the daily fluctuation of the extent, especially because sea ice concentration is lower compared to recent years.

Apart from that, the southward drift through Fram Strait is another cause of sea ice loss. Every year about 10% of the Arctic Basin’s area is exported into the Greenland Sea. Mainly MYI is transported that way southwards into warmer North Atlantic water.

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Leaked Complexity Part 01

I have been asked to explain latest technical changes to this site, so prepare to absorb nerd speech following this colon:

Comments enabled, yeah, this is great, is getting interactive, tell us what you think or like to discuss. Share your thoughts, expectations and observations. Disqus was chosen for two reasons: It looks brilliant and your comments are stored on their servers - they never get lost, whatever happens to

As first step comments are enabled for all blog posts, later this season pages and the satellite maps will probably follow. Currently neither comment policy nor moderation are in place and anybody can discuss, however Akismet will automatically kill all spam (hopefully) and all personal insults will be deleted without any warning.

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