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Drill Rig on Fire

credit: U.S. Coast Guard

The gas rig partially collapsed earlier this day, so far no human losses and no related sheen have been reported. The incident - close to the coast of Louisiana - is visible from space. Natural gas rig blows out...

Kulluk ready for Transit to Kiliuda Bay

Use the live map above to follow the transit. Apparently the Kulluk has no AIS transponder onboard or intact. But she should be close to the Aiviq. The map updates automatically every two minutes, if not try to zoom or move around a bit or refresh the page (F5)

Here the update from the Unified Command:

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Nuclear Icebreaker Taimyr leaks into Arctic Ocean

According to the Barents Observer the Russian ice breaker Taimyr is now accompanied by the vessel Rossia and targets the Murmansk on Russia’s Kola Peninsula.

Rosatomflot, the operator of the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet categorizes the deviation as level zero on the International Nuclear Event Scale indicating no safety significance.

On Shipwx it is possible to track the icebreaker's route out of the Kara Sea.

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