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Oil Spill Sensitivity Atlas and Responds Plans

Cairn Energy formally launched its summer oil drilling program off the west coast of Greenland May 24, as the environmental group Greenpeace stepped up protests of the oil company’s Arctic activity.

Scottish-based Cairn Energy PLC claims it can safely explore for oil off Greenland's western coast. Last August the company announced that drilling in the area had detected the presence of either oil or gas beneath the seafloor.

Now Greenpeace launched a campaign and forces CEO Bill Gammell to publish their Greenland oil spill response plan. Concerned citizens are invited to send a personal email right from the ...

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Inuk - Feature Film by Mike Magidson

Actually filmed in 2010 this 90 minutes movie took a long road to the festivals. I'm not going to repeat this exciting story, because all of it was captured already here: The Evening Class Interview With Mike Magidson. Instead here is an excerpt of an IMDB critic written by Cameron McAllister:

Greenland's icy landscape is both chilling and mesmerizing. I cannot begin to imagine how difficult filming must have been for any crew members that were not from the area. Nonetheless, the film is shot and edited exceptionally; a fact that enough people agreed on to award it Best Narrative Feature, Best Director and Best Editing at the 2011 Savannah Film Festival.

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Current Speedlimits in Greenland

Rignot, E. and J. Mouginot (2012), Ice flow in Greenland for the International Polar Year 2008–2009, Geophys. Res. Lett., 39, L11501, doi:10.1029/2012GL051634.

Abstract: The ice motion map reveals various flow regimes, ranging from patterned enhanced flow into a few large glaciers in the cold, low precipitation areas of north Greenland; to diffuse, enhanced flow into numerous, narrow, fast-moving glaciers in the warmer, high precipitation sectors of northwest and southeast Greenland. We find that the 100 fastest glaciers (v > 800 m/yr) drain 66% of the ice sheet in area, marine-terminating ...

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