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More Envisat Radar Images

Terry started to contribute with more daily Envisat radar zooms - highly appreciated.

If you want to compare changes from day to day open the links in multiple browser tabs and switch between them.

I'll update this list as new links arrive. So far we have:

Credit goes DTU Space and

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Microwave versus Envisat Radar Satellite Images

Envisat's radar images reveal a high fragmentation of the sea ice. It seems the algorithms using microwave echo to generate concentration maps are not optimized for the current state of the 'ice pack'.

While ESA's satellite operates with a resolution of 30mx30m, the pixel size of the AMSR-E instrument is factor 200 lower. Compare out for example the North of the Laptev Sea.

Also interesting is how the different microwave echo approaches depend on the resolution to calculate sea ice extent.

The NSDIC prefers a low resolution instrument for historical reasons and sees the extent of 2011 currently ...

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