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Lost in Translation

Scientific TermGeneral Meaning/PerceptionBetter Choice
abstractvague, intangiblesummary
acceleratespeed upspeed up or slow down, a change in speed or direction
accommodationplace to sleep/change to make someone more comfortablefocusing of the eye's lens
aerosolspray cantiny airborne particle
alcoholbeerpreservative, rubbing alcohol, drinking alcohol, etc.
amplificationsomething that makes music louderincreasing
anomalyabnormal occurencechange from long-term average
anti-bioticsoap, hand sanitizer, kitchen cleanersterilizer, agent to kill microbes
assayjudge, essayanalyze, a method used to test
attractionliking someone a lotbeing pulled towards each other
bacteriadirty, unhealthy, infectious agentsmicroscopic organisms, microbes
basicsimple, easy[of research] not applied, fundamental, alkaline
biasdistortion, political move, prejudiceoffset of an observation

It is naive to think language just works. Depending on the audience a word, a sentence or a paragraph may have multiple and even different meanings. Everybody has his/her own personal history and interpretation is a matter of experience.

The highly specific language used in scientific publication is no exception. In fact in some subject areas (reads quantum mechanics) you have no chance to understand a bit, although your mother’s language was used.

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