Is this the Arctic's Polar Ice Pack July 202X?

Arctic Zoom with fresh Snow

Another high resolution Arctic zoom image contributed by Terry. It features a clear view on most parts of the open North-West-Passage and fresh snow covering Greenland's North.

Animation of the Sea Ice Melting Season 2011

Above animation starts with a full image of the Arctic mosaic taken first week of May and then updates all cloud free parts day by day and frame by frame. Although it looks quite real, every single frame is actually a patchwork of multiple days.

During the first half the animation profits from the clear sky conditions, now at the end of the season clouds and low pressure system are coming back and the last frame dated as of yesterday shows far too much ice. Now we depend on radar and microwave images depicting the real extent of the Arctic ...

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Silly Polar Questions

A selection of what tourists occasionally ask while visiting the poles. Read them all at He swears no fake.

  • Do the icebreakers make those icebergs?
  • Do the Vikings cause any ethnic problems in Norway these days?
  • Do the crew sleep aboard?
  • Does the midnight sun set above the horizon?
  • Does the world spin in the other direction at the North Pole?
  • Does this driftwood come from trees?
  • Does this island go all the way down to the bottom of the sea?
  • How tall is the North Pole?
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