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Noted 2013-04-05

The Polar Science Center just updated the monthly PIOMAS sea ice volume table and instead of presenting a line chart I thought of a different approach. In the image above every single day is color coded, consult the color bar to translate into volume.

Some years stand out, in 1995 melting started earlier and it took a whole year to reach usual volume. Also 2007, which already started with a below average winter volume. Green indicates roughly the middle of the distribution, note how winter volume on the right side approaches summer volume on the left side.

With 2010 a new era started, interestingly with no trend between years in winter and much higher losses in summer. Given the strong decrease of thick multi year ice, PIOMAS seems to approach the maximum winter volume for an ice pack consisting mainly of first year ice.


Same procedure, but with daily sea ice area shows the image above. Area's signal includes more noise and appears less smooth than volume. Again 1995 and 2007 catch your eyes, but with a slightly different message.

Finally, comparing both images, implying business as usual, which one will hit zero sooner?

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