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Noted 2013-11-11

I'm using these relative silent weeks of the winter season to update a few parts of, especially the map interface will see major changes. So, this a first step to see what works and what not.

In case your curious check it out, I'll covering everything in detail once it works. The 'Satellite' entry from the top menu is now called 'Explorer' and links to the map interface. Available are now daily data from four satellites (AMSR2 w/ concentration, SMOS w/ thickness, Terra, Aqua) and the northern hemisphere true color images cover a larger region, even parts of Europe are included.

A completely new feature are forecasts from the Global Forecast System (GFS) with 4 steps per day - try using your mouse wheel with the fly-out calendar.


Let me know if something doesn't work as expected, the comments below are a good place. To Internet Explorer users: I'm sorry, IE6 + IE7 are not and never will be supported. Most tablet PCs should work with some minor layout hick-ups.

Have fun!

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