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Noted 2011-09-03

A selection of what tourists occasionally ask while visiting the poles. Read them all at He swears no fake.

  • Do the icebreakers make those icebergs?
  • Do the Vikings cause any ethnic problems in Norway these days?
  • Do the crew sleep aboard?
  • Does the midnight sun set above the horizon?
  • Does the world spin in the other direction at the North Pole?
  • Does this driftwood come from trees?
  • Does this island go all the way down to the bottom of the sea?
  • How tall is the North Pole?
  • [MORE]
  • If it is January at the South Pole what month is it at the North Pole?
  • Is it so cold at the poles because the Sun is farther away?
  • Is the North Pole farther north than we are now?
  • Is there such a thing as a female Sperm Whale?
  • Is this island completely surrounded by water?
  • They announced there were whales; why can I only see fins?
  • What colour is that snow?
  • What do the fish do when the tide goes out?
  • What do they do with the glaciers in winter?
  • What is the maximum reported speed of fast ice?
  • What is the nationality of the Russian crew?
  • When you said the Polar Circle was at 66½ degrees, is that in Fahrenheit or Centigrade?
  • Why do the whales keep coming to the surface?
  • Why is this island uninhabited?
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