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Noted 2011-10-01

Having a sailing webcam in the Arctic fascinated me from the first day I’ve found the link. Although it is only one image per hour the insight is incomparable, well despite spending some time in the Arctic for yourself on an icebreaker.

But the tremendous amount of photos leads to perception stress and some kind of overview was needed to grasp to whole picture and not to get lost in details. I hope the above result of a few hours number crunching serves this purpose (click the image).


Apparently thick ice was not a blocking issue during the course in August and September 2001 and you can spot all kinds of thin ice floes on the images - that’s not your grandpa’s Arctic ice pack.

Together with the Canadian icebreaker CCGS Louis S. St Laurent the HEALY mapped the outer North-American continental shelf and achieved the supporting bathymetric data to make claim of the ECS and get exclusive rights to resources on or below the seabed.

Check out more information about this scientific and geopolitical mission: Arctic West Summer 2011, Healy Media and Links Extended Continental Shelf Project

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