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Notes for Year: 2011

This is Shell’s vision of drilling in paradise: The ocean is calm, no ice in sight, whales keep distance, the sun is shining, all vessels operate as planned, blow out preventer functions well, contractors are experienced and all damage will be cleansed before winter darkness. The Concerned namely Scott Woodham writing for AlaskaDispatch is not convinced.

BOEM just approved Shells Chuckhi Sea drilling plan, but with strings attached. Most importantly any drilling must stop 38 days before the ice season starts. Based on a 5-year analysis of historic weather patterns, BOEM anticipates November 1 as the earliest anticipated date of ice encroachment.

Just to compare above are the ice conditions as of 2001-11-01. BOEM seems to rule out any possible recovery.

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This TV advertisement aired in the D.C. market on This Week, Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and State of the Union on December 4. It also will air during the week of December 5-9 on Morning Joe, The Daily Show, and Rachel Maddow. Are We Really Ready to Drill in America's Arctic Ocean?

Statistics Canada just released the Winter report 2011 including detailed information about sea ice shrinkage over a 43 year period. The largest declines occurred in five southern and eastern sea ice regions:

  • Northern Labrador Sea, where sea ice decreased at a rate of 1,536 square kilometres, or 17 per cent, per decade,
  • Hudson Strait (down 4,947 square kilometres, or 16 per cent, per decade)
  • Davis Strait (down 6,581 square kilometres, or 14 per cent, per decade)
  • Hudson Bay (down 16,605 square kilometres, or 11 per cent, per decade)
  • Baffin Bay (down 18,658 square kilometres, or ...
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