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Relaunch, May 15th, 2016

It was about time to spend this site a face lifting. Mobile Internet access became mainstream, the planet warmed by some centigrades and many more blogs and even portals (in Danish, German, Spanish, Polish, English) appeared reporting the state of the Arctic's cryosphere. So, a few experiments have been dropped and a weather simulation has been added.

All high level information and data is now concentrated on this start page. The explorer has changed a little and many visitors will appreciate that the circumpolar map + bathymetry are back. In future there will be little blogging - tweeting is much more fun. However, comprehensive articles are in the pipeline, e.g. why the pre-industrial baseline starts here way before 1850.

The plan was to update all past blogs before launch, but the Arctic set new priorities in recent weeks. The weather simulation is too useful to wait for any longer. So, old blogs will re-appear as time allows. During the migration is the atom feed disabled.

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